Nauczyciel Chris


Hey! My name is Chris and I am an English teacher. I am a native speaker from St. Louis, Missouri (USA). The fact that I can teach your kids new skills is very satisfying to me. I earned my TESOL certification and am currently attending Western University for my BA in Business Administration. I started my adventure with teaching English in June 2014, working as an officer in the United States Army. I worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school in South Korea. From the beginning, I felt incredible joy and satisfaction in teaching my children new skills. We will have fun while learning! My classes are full of energy! I focus on making my students feel free to speak English. This is the first step. In lessons, we use a lot of props and activating songs to help my students learn. If you are worried that your child is afraid, I can help him feel more comfortable. Most students fear to be mistaken. After the first class with me, the child will sense that even if he makes a mistake, no one will laugh at him or shout at him, he will just be corrected with a smile on his face. With joy, interesting props and various forms of play, children get rid of fear and open their minds to new phrases. Learning in such conditions brings better and faster results. Together, we can change your child's future. Thank you for your time. I can't wait to see your child in my lessons!

Nauczycielka Aleksandra


Hello parents and future students! My name is Aleksandra and I am a teacher of English. I am excited to teach the youngest. I have a BA in Business from American Intercontinental University and a TESOL certificate. I started teaching English when I was an officer in the US Army. During my career, I have had the pleasure to teach in the United States, Poland, China, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Korea. The classes I run are very lively and they are eager to learn. Children receive a lot of praise and encouragement. Students, even the shy ones, break their barriers and participate in my fun and engaging lessons with pleasure. I constantly invest in equipment, decorations and costumes in the classroom to build a friendly atmosphere and encourage cooperation. I use a variety of props and rewards to help my child understand the material I am processing. I appreciate your attention and the opportunity to teach your child. I am striving to become his new favorite teacher. Regards!

owlkidsacademy nauczyciel


Hey! My name is Monique and for the last 3 years I have been teaching English, thanks to which I had the opportunity to prepare my students in various areas of communication, e.g. word selection, pronunciation or written communication. I have also been a licensed occupational therapist for children with special needs for over a year, which has allowed me to better understand how we communicate in different ways. I also underwent speech therapy training, which very often proves helpful in teaching younger children. I am sociable, passionate and have a positive outlook on life. Currently, as a TEFL-certified English teacher, I have undergone several training courses to improve my teaching skills and the experience I have gained has made me know how to teach at different levels and at different ages. Come to my class!

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Le-Ann Calawa

Hi! My name is Le-Ann Calawa. I am a licensed teacher. I graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education in the field of early childhood education. I have been teaching English for 8 years. I believe that my teaching experience, especially with children, makes me a perfect fit as your child's teacher. As a very enthusiastic and enthusiastic teacher, I always try to motivate my students to learn. I invite you to classes!

Nauczyciel Carla

Carla Huysamen

Hello My name is Carla Huysamen, I am a 24-year-old teacher from South Africa. I have a Master of Science degree, a teaching qualification and a TEFL certificate. I love working with and teaching children. I am patient, energetic, cheerful and kind, which is reflected in my teaching methods. I like meeting new people, traveling and learning new things. I have experience teaching English online to both children and adults. I would also like to teach your child!

Nauczyciel Angielskiego


Good morning! My name is Ellie and I am a teacher from Canada. I have 15 years of experience teaching English to children. Moreover, I have completed advanced training in learning English as a foreign language. Children love to participate in my classes because the lessons I teach are not only substantive but also fun. There is no better way to learn English than with an experienced, funny and energetic teacher, so do not hesitate - I hope to see you soon in my class!

owlkidsacademy nauczyciel


Hello, my name is Mimi. In 2015, I graduated from early childhood education. The school where I work promotes learning and development through all kinds of fun. I also think these methods are the best! I strive to make my students feel important and supported by me. I am a very energetic teacher and consistently use the TPR (Total Physical Response) teaching method to engage students. I look forward to our meeting in the lesson. Best regards and I hope to see you later :)

owlkidsacademy nauczyciel


Hi, my name is Anne. I completed my undergraduate studies in Clinical Psychology. I am currently working with children as an English teacher. I am fulfilled when I see my students achieve more and more success in learning the language. I love teaching children because they are sincere, cute and very loving. In my spare time, I like to learn and gain new skills. I also spend time in the kitchen very often, because I love to cook, the best way to relax is to good music or film. I invite you to classes with me :)

owlkidsacademy nauczyciel


Hello. My name is Corina. I am a graduate of psychology. I have been working as an English tutor for two years. I taught adult Koreans and the youngest Japanese and Chinese. Teaching is my passion. I love helping students understand the material they are studying. I invite you to take lessons with me and I promise that I will do my best to make learning English a pure pleasure and bring the expected results. See you soon.

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