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    Downloading the application:聽

    Some helpful tips:

    • The youngest children find it easier to use a tablet during lessons. Interactive tasks often require, for example, drawing that is more difficult to do with the mouse.
    • It is best for the child to take lessons at least twice a week, which allows him to consolidate the acquired material, maintain the continuity of classes and get used to conversations in English.

    First lesson - How to start?

    Here are a few simple steps:

    1. Start by downloading the ClassIn application on your computer (at the link: to your mobile device via the Play Store or Apple Store. The application is necessary because it will allow the child to participate in our lessons.
    2. To create an account in the ClassIn application, please enter your phone number and wait for the code. After receiving the code, please enter the code to the website and the password you have created, which you will use each time you log into the platform before the lessons.
    3. After receiving the code, you will have 150 seconds to enter your password. After confirming the password, you will be redirected to the main page where you must log in. Please use the telephone number and the password you created.
    4. There will be 4 questions about the system, computer camera, headphones, and microphone. If everything works as it should and you are satisfied, please click next to each option "Yes, I can (see, hear, hear and see)". When ClassIn is already installed, please fill in the form next to it, and then after logging in you will receive further instructions.
    5. Gdy program ClassIn jest ju偶 zainstalowany prosimy o wype艂nienie formularza znajduj膮cego si臋 obok, a nast臋pnie po zalogowaniu si臋 otrzymaj膮 Pa艅stwo dalsze instrukcje.
    6. In case of doubts or any problems, please contact the administrator at: +48 587 313 455,, or via chat. b膮d藕 przez chat.

    About our methods:

    Owlkids Academy to szko艂a j臋zykowa, w kt贸rej ka偶de dziecko chce si臋 uczy膰, bo nauka odbywa si臋 poprzez zabaw臋! W efekcie, dziecko nie czuje strachu czy l臋ku i ch臋tniej m贸wi w j臋zyku angielskim. Rodzice cz臋sto pytaj膮 nas: 鈥淎le jak? przecie偶 to niemo偶liwe by dziecko 4 letnie cokolwiek rozumia艂o, to jak si臋 ma nauczy膰 m贸wi膰?鈥 Uczy si臋 przez obserwacj臋 i powtarzanie.

    Najpro艣ciej por贸wna膰 nauk臋 j臋zyka angielskiego do sytuacji gdy nasze 2letnie dziecko uczy si臋 m贸wi膰 ojczystego j臋zyka. Przypomnij sobie jak na pocz膮tku dziecko nie m贸wi艂o, ale doskonale rozumia艂o i u偶ywa艂o 鈥渟wojego j臋zyka鈥: na gor膮ce m贸wi艂o 鈥渟i鈥, na psa 鈥渉a艂鈥, kota 鈥渕ia艂鈥, itd. W naszej szkole nauczyciele u偶ywaj膮 j臋zyka cia艂a, gestykulacji i bardzo prostego j臋zyka, tak by dziecko zrozumia艂o i powoli powtarza艂o co m贸wi nauczyciel, chocia偶 nie zawsze jeszcze wie, o co chodzi.

    Naszym celem jest by dziecko nie tylko m贸wi艂o po angielsku, ale przede wszystkim rozumia艂o i my艣la艂o w tym j臋zyku i nie przek艂ada艂o czy t艂umaczy艂o go sobie na j臋zyk ojczysty. Dlatego tak wa偶ne jest, aby w trakcie nauki j臋zyka u偶ywa膰 tylko j臋zyka angielskiego. Z tego powodu, nasi nauczyciele pochodz膮 z kraj贸w angloj臋zycznych, a ka偶dy z nich posiada certyfikat TESOL oraz kwalifikacje do pracy z dzie膰mi.

    Comprehensive curriculum

    Our program is based on the most effective teaching method "synthetic phonics". This method involves teaching children the sounds of letters, thanks to which our students will be able to read the next words.

    Any form of learning

    Our teachers are available at times that are convenient for you. Learning is not dependent on the teacher's availability.

    1v1 lessons

    Don't let your child get lost among the many students in the class. 1v1 lessons provide 100% of the teacher's attention on one child. Such a learning system allows all students to acquire knowledge more accurately.

    Experienced, certified teachers

    All our teachers are certified, which guarantees a lesson at the highest level. We know how to pass knowledge to a child in an interesting and professional way.

    Cost of the Lesson

    To help parents save money this school season, Owlkids Academy is pleased to offer the following prices for the 2020/2021 school year.

    Native Speaker

    • 1 lesson 55 PLN
    • 5 lessons 265 PLN
    • 10 lessons 520 PLN
    • 15 lessons 750 PLN

    From 50 PLN

    Near Native Speaker

    • 1 lesson 35 PLN
    • 5 lessons 175 PLN
    • 10 lessons 290 PLN
    • 15 lessons 420 PLN

    From 28 PLN