Academy levels

Our levels, that is what your child will learn during one stage of the class. Each level consists of 12 chapters, 60 lessons (each of 25 minutes) and lasts 6 months (assuming that lessons are held 2-3 times a week).

Each level uses words from Dolch (Dolch Word List).These are the most commonly used words in English during a conversation, personalized in the most easily digestible way for the youngest. In her professional history, this method was also used by the founder of the Academy - Aleksadnra Tillman.


  • Correct articulation of most sounds
  • Knowledge of simple basic sentences
  • Self introduction
  • Teacher's command recognition
  • Start learning to read simple words
  • Alphabet
  • Correct articulation of all sounds
  • Asking simple questions
  • Describing yourself and your surroundings
  • Independent construction of basic sentences
  • Ability to read simple words
  • Conducting a simple dialogue
  • Writing basic sentences
  • The ability to understand most of the basic phrases from everyday life
  • Ability to read complete basic sentences
  • Reading comprehension
  • Independent creation and conducting of a dialogue on uncomplicated topics
  • The ability to understand all the basic phrases from everyday life
  • Being able to understand longer descriptions of things or situations

Meet our teachers

Meet our teachers who transfer great passion into effective teaching of the English language to your children.

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Near - Native Speakers

Hi! My name is Monique and for the last 3 years I have been teaching English,...
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Le-Ann Calawa

Near - Native Speakers

Hi! My name is Le-Ann Calawa. I am a licensed teacher. I graduated with a Bachelor of...
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Near - Native Speakers

Hello, my name is Mimi. In 2015, I graduated from early childhood education...
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Near - Native Speakers

Hello. My name is Corina. I am a graduate of psychology. I have been working as an...