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Hello parents and future students! My name is Aleksandra and I am a teacher of English. I am excited to teach the youngest. I have a BA in Business from American Intercontinental University and a TESOL certificate. I started teaching English when I was an officer in the US Army. During my career, I have had the pleasure to teach in the United States, Poland, China, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Korea. The classes I run are very lively and they are eager to learn. Children receive a lot of praise and encouragement. Students, even the shy ones, break their barriers and participate in my fun and engaging lessons with pleasure. I constantly invest in equipment, decorations and costumes in the classroom to build a friendly atmosphere and encourage cooperation. I use a variety of props and rewards to help my child understand the material I am processing. I appreciate your attention and the opportunity to teach your child. I am striving to become his new favorite teacher. Regards!