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Hey! My name is Chris and I am an English teacher. I am a native speaker from St. Louis, Missouri (USA). The fact that I can teach your kids new skills is very satisfying to me. I earned my TESOL certification and am currently attending Western University for my BA in Business Administration. I started my adventure with teaching English in June 2014, working as an officer in the United States Army. I worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school in South Korea. From the beginning, I felt incredible joy and satisfaction in teaching my children new skills. We will have fun while learning! My classes are full of energy! I focus on making my students feel free to speak English. This is the first step. In lessons, we use a lot of props and activating songs to help my students learn. If you are worried that your child is afraid, I can help him feel more comfortable. Most students fear to be mistaken. After the first class with me, the child will sense that even if he makes a mistake, no one will laugh at him or shout at him, he will just be corrected with a smile on his face. With joy, interesting props and various forms of play, children get rid of fear and open their minds to new phrases. Learning in such conditions brings better and faster results. Together, we can change your child's future. Thank you for your time. I can't wait to see your child in my lessons!